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What have you decided is not for you, that if you chose it, would create something greater in your life?

One of our biggest block is judgment, and even more so, self-judgment.
Those spaces where everything is already decided:
“I function this way.”
“I don’t like this, it’s not good for me.”
“I’m no good at this or that.”
But what if it wasn’t true?

What if everything you decided about you was neither true nor false, but just a matter of choice?
What if you could decide beyond the limits you set for yourself?
What if (breaking news!) those limits weren’t really yours but were actually the sum of judgments from your upbringing, your history, and the people around you?

Self-judgment is self-sabotage.
It’s where we don’t allow ourselves to explore because we’ve already defined that it’s not for us.

What are you stopping yourself from doing?

What do you dream of doing, but your judgments are holding you back?
What could you create that would make your life greater if you stopped this spiral of judgment?

And if you took the time to really ask yourself today: What have I decided is not for me, that if I chose it, would create something greater in my life?

Take a few minutes to ask yourself this question, without looking for an answer.
If points of views, limitations, and beliefs come up, observe them without buying them, breathe, and let the space exist.
How do you feel? Is it lighter?

And what if the next time a self-judgment of this kind appears, you could simply see it.
Just see it.
And then choose to act on it or not.
What would it create for you?
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